3 Year Old Kinder

3 Year Old Enrolment

When to enrol:

  • Hazel Glen Kindergarten accepts enrolments from the 1st February the year before the child will attend.
  • The closing date for enrolment application is the 30th June for children attending the 3 Year Old program the following year.

To apply for a place at Hazel Glen Kindergarten parents need to:

  • Complete an application form which is available from reception at the Kindergarten
  • Attach a copy of your child’s birth certificate or suitable evidence of the children’s birth date
  • Pay a $50 nonrefundable cash .deposit
  • Return to Debbie Rainbow (Director) at Hazel Glen Kindergarten.
  • Following receipt of a completed application form, the child’s details will be entered onto the Kindergarten database.

Age Policy:

  • Children must be at least 3 years old by 30th April in the year they attend 3 Year Old Kinder
  • Children turning 3 years old between the commencement of Term 1 and 30th April will only be able to commence the program upon their 3rd In this situation, a place will be reserved in the 3 Year Old Program.
  • It is recommended that parents of these younger children consult with the Kindergarten Director prior to applying in order to determine their child’s readiness for kindergarten.
  • Our preference is for children attending 3 Year Old Kinder to be toilet trained and out of nappies/pull ups.

The Offer Process:

  • Letters of offer, letters of missed offer and enrolment packs will be sent to all parents at the end of July of the year prior to attendance.
  • Families will be contacted in October of the year prior to attendance outlining session times, details of orientation sessions and starting dates.

Repeats and Deferrals

  • Children who have been offered a position, which is then deferred before the commencement of term 1, will receive a reserved place the following year.
  • Children whose parents accept a place, and who are then assessed within the first four weeks of term 1 by the Teacher/Director as not being ready for the program, will receive a reserved place the following year if their position is deferred at that time.