4 Year Old Kinder

4 Year Old Enrolment

All enrolments for 4 Year Old Kindergarten are done centrally through the City of Whittlesea Central Enrolment Scheme. Please go their website for all details www.whittlesea.vic.org.au

When to enrol:

  • Applications are accepted from the first working day in March each year, for 2 years before the year of Kindergarten attendance.
  • In preparation for offers, applications close at 5pm on the last business day in June of the year before your child attends Kindergarten.
  • Applications submitted after this date will be accepted and processed after the first round of offers are made.
  • Letters of offer are sent out in July of the year before Kindergarten attendance.
  • The Kindergarten will then send out an enrolment pack.

Age policy:

  • To be eligible for 4 Year Old Kindergarten, your child must turn 4 by 30th April in the year of Kindergarten attendance.
  • If your child was born between January and April, you have the choice of which year to enroll your child, including the year the child is eligible or the year after.