3 Year Old Program

3 Year Old Kindergarten Program

The 3 year old kindergarten program consists of 5 hours per week. The program is play based, as this is how children of this developmental stage learn.

Our three year old learning through play philosophy consists of providing stimulating activities, planned and spontaneous during the session, both inside and outside with a strong emphasis on sensory experiences, play and explorations using:

  • Water
  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Rice
  • Play dough
  • Paint
  • Dirt

Play experiences also include:

  • Social play areas
  • Dramatic play areas
  • Imaginative play areas
  • Physical development areas
  • Whole group activities
  • Small group activities
  • Partner activities
  • Individual play areas
  • Quiet play areas

We will also focus on stimulating fine motor skills through activities such as:

  • Pasting
  • Painting
  • Cutting
  • Finger plays and rhymes
  • Building

The 3 year old session begins with free exploration of activities on the tables and at play areas within the room. We then come together on the mat for group time which may include singing, dancing, playing instruments and discussions. We then have snack time before heading outside to play. At the end of the session, we come together again for a story and songs before heading home.