4 Year Old Program

4 Year Old Kindergarten Program

The four year old program consists of 15 hours per week spread across three days. The program builds on our three year old program and continues the learning journey for your child and welcomes and embraces new children also at this stage. Our program will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our children and families.

The session begins with time on the mat, with items of interest (provided by children or the teacher) in the middle of the circle to be discussed or any news children bring to share. This is an inclusive and welcoming time for children to learn to listen and respect each other as well as sharing thoughts and ideas with others. It is also an opportunity for children to learn about each other and themselves in a group setting.

After our group time, children go off to activities. Our Kindergarten environment (both inside and outside) has been purposely designed to meet the development needs and interests of young children. Included are:

  • Dramatic play areas
  • Creative arts areas
  • Construction areas
  • Imaginative play areas
  • Sensory play areas
  • Physical growth areas
  • Book areas
  • Interest areas

Within all of these areas, children are able to learn, interact, play, explore and discover. The children will be asked to work on either a specific task which is adult driven (intentional teaching) or choose their own activity.

At the conclusion of inside time, the children meet again for a group experience which may include:

  • Music
  • Dramatisations
  • Movement activities
  • Dance
  • Games

Morning tea, afternoon tea and/or lunch is then had as a group, before we head outside to continue our learning experiences. At the end of the session we conclude with a story and songs.